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College Football Week 1: Game Time and TV for Big Games

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is college football opening weekend. We did have a game last weekend in Australia, a game this morning from Ireland, and a few other games on Thursday and Friday. This is the first big day of college action, though, and unlike most years, there are actually a lot of interesting matchups. This should be a great week both for the teams playing and for watching Draft prospects. Here are some of the big contests to watch (all times Eastern). You can also use this as an open thread to discuss what you are seeing on the field as college football kicks off.

At noon, Houston hosts Oklahoma on ABC.

At noon, Michigan hosts Hawaii on ESPN.

At 3:30, LSU and Wisconsin play at Lambeau Field on ABC.

At 5:30, North Carolina and Georgia play in Atlanta on ESPN.

At 8:00, USC and Alabama play in Dallas on ABC.

At 9:00, Auburn hosts Clemson on ESPN.