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Geno Smith Confirmed as Jets Backup QB

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking with the press yesterday, Jets head coach Todd Bowles confirmed fourth year quarterback Geno Smith will be Ryan Fitzpatrick's backup.

On if it would be fair to say that Geno Smith has solidified the number two quarterback position…

Yes, that’d be fair to say.

This is no great surprise and kind of difficult to argue with.

None of the four quarterbacks had a great preseason. All had one really bad performance. We did not see the type of play that conceivably could have moved the needle. Bryce Petty made it interesting for one fleeting moment with a big game against Washington that coincided with a Smith stinker, but Petty followed it up with a stinker of his own against the Giants.

At this point, I would say Smith is the second best quarterback on the team. Petty's game seems less advanced, and his mechanics are erratic. He could use another year on the bench.