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Bryce Petty's Shoulder Has No Structural Damage; Jets Won't Put Him on IR at This Point

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles confirmed yesterday that tests revealed quarterback Bryce Petty has a shoulder bruise. Bowles confirmed the team will not place the second year quarterback on injured reserve (at least before the roster is cut to 53) after leaving Thursday's preseason finale.

On Bryce Petty’s injury update…

It’s just a bruised shoulder. He’s bruised.

On if there is any structural damage to Petty’s shoulder…


On if Petty is a candidate for injured reserve…

No, it’s too early to tell. We’re still waiting to see the recovery time. We’re just going to assess him this week and see how it goes with treatment.

On if Petty could be placed on injured reserve before the roster reductions…


The decision to place Petty on injured reserve should simply be based on whether or not he will have to sit out the rest of the season due to this injury. If he can't practice all year, the team should stick him on IR. If he can practice, he should be on the roster.

The team should not stick him on IR just for the sake of keeping four quarterbacks under team control while not losing a roster spot. If Petty is on IR, he can't practice. That means he doesn't get a chance to work on his game this year. That isn't good for a developmental player. He can't develop then. It would defeat the purpose of having a fourth quarterback. The idea isn't just to collect names. It is to try and develop guys like Petty.