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How Have Other Quarterbacks Responded to Performances Like Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Against the Chiefs?

New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As you now know, Ryan Fitzpatrick had a bad game against the Chiefs on Sunday. He became just the fourth quarterback since 2000 to throw six interceptions in a game. How did the other three perform after their six interception outing? Let’s take a brief look below.

Peyton Manning

To the extent this exercise can be instructive, this will probably be the least instructive example because Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Peyton throwing six interceptions is very different from Fitzpatrick throwing six. With that said, Manning’s next game after throwing six picks in 2007 was also less than stellar. He was held in check, with only 162 yards on a shaky 16 of 32 day passing the ball with an interception. His Colts did beat the Chiefs 13-10.

Chris Chandler

After throwing six against Carolina in 2004, Chandler did not bounce back at all against the Cardinals. Playing for the Rams, Chandler completed only 1 of 6 passes for 1 yard. He also threw an interception before being benched in the first half. The Cardinals won 31-7, and Chandler never played again in the NFL.

Ty Detmer

Lions head coach Marty Mornhinweg decided to bench Charlie Batch for Detmer in 2001. Detmer rewarded him with a 7 interception game against the Browns in his first start. This was not enough to get Mornhinweg to switch back to Batch. Oddly, Detmer followed that up with a 16 for 18 game for 149 yards against the Rams, and this is what got him benched at halftime of a 35-0 loss.


So the follow up performances haven’t been too stellar. Hopefully Fitzpatrick can turn things around against the Seahawks better than these guys did.