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Here Is Where the Jets Rank in the AFC After Three Weeks

NFL: New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Week 3 loss to the Chiefs was not pretty for the Jets. While it is too early for the standings to have any major meaning, we are going to keep track from week to week just to provide you with the picture as it develops.

If you want some good news, almost half the conference is sitting with the Jets at 1-2. The bad news is seven teams are either 3-0 or 2-1, but it is too early for anybody to have any real separation. You can’t clinch a spot in the race with a hot start, but you can take yourself out of the running with a bad one. Jacksonville and Cleveland at 0-3 are starting at that fate.

Here is how the AFC currently stacks up at this early date.

  1. New England 3-0
  2. Denver 3-0
  3. Baltimore 3-0
  4. Houston 2-1
  5. Pittsburgh 2-1
  6. Kansas City 2-1
  7. Oakland 2-1
  8. Cincinnati 1-2
  9. Jets 1-2
  10. San Diego 1-2
  11. Miami 1-2
  12. Tennessee 1-2
  13. Buffalo 1-2
  14. Indianapolis 1-2
  15. Jacksonville 0-3
  16. Cleveland 0-3