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Jets Week 3 Anti-Game Ball: Ryan Fitzpatrick

New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Jets lost on Sunday, which means it is our sad duty to give out the anti-game ball.

I only have two rules for the anti-game ball. First, I try to avoid giving it to a repeat recipient whenever possible. Second, I try to avoid giving it to the quarterback whenever possible. I like to avoid obvious winners. Any repeat recipient is likely a bad player, and the quarterback has such an outsized effect on the game that you could make a case in almost any game.

Today it is not possible to avoid giving the anti-game ball to the quarterback. That is what happens when the quarterback throws six interceptions. Heck, if you watched this game, it felt like Ryan Fitzpatrick was lucky to only throw six. Most of these were not complex where the receiver ran a bad route, the defense did something masterful, or something about the throw wasn’t precise.

These were just horrific reads, decisions, and throws.

Ryan Fitzpatrick gets my anti-game ball this week. Normally this is the part where I ask who gets yours, but I don’t need to ask. You didn’t watch the game if you aren’t giving yours to Fitzpatrick.