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Ryan Fitzpatrick Made History and Not the Good Kind

Fitzpatrick was awful on Sunday, but how awful was he? Taking a look at history his game ranks up there with all time stinkers.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions in yesterday's game, four in the 4th quarter. Let's put in perspective with some facts courtesy of Pro Football Reference:

The record for most interceptions is held by six Quarterbacks, who each threw for seven interceptions in a game. Among those are Hall of Famer Ken Stabler, who did it back in 1977. He's the only Hall of Fame quarterback to have seven balls intercepted. The last person to throw seven was Ty Detmer in 2001 when he was with Detroit.

In all, 38 Quarterbacks before Fitz have thrown for six or more interceptions.

The last six INT game in the NFL was nearly a decade ago. Peyton Manning threw six in 2007 against the Chargers. Jets fans might remember this is as the game when Antonio Cromartie had three of them while playing for San Diego. Before Manning, it was Chris Chandler for the Falcons in 2004 who tossed up six picks.

Among those to toss six picks include Hall of Famers Norm Von Brocklin, George Blanda (thrice), and (former Jet) Brett Farve who did it back in 2002 against the Rams. The Jets have only one person on that list ---Broadway Joe. Joe Namath had three six pick games: against the Oilers in 1967, against the Colts in 1970 and against the Dolphins in 1975.

That means Fitz tied a club record for most interceptions in a game by a Jets QB, a record that lasted 31 years before Ryan had his no-good very bad day.

Fitzpatrick had a five interception game while playing for the Rams back in 2005. The last QB to throw 5 for the Jets would be Mark Sanchez back in 2009 against the Bills in that truly awful game that I wish I didn't remember. You'd have to go back another half dozen years to find the last Jet to throw five balls to the other team before Sanchez. Chad Pennington did it against the Patriots back in 2003. He joins other Jets in that regard including Richard Todd who had five interceptions in a game twice in 1983. Dick Wood had the first for a Jets QB in 1963, and added another three games with five interceptions as a Jets Quarterback. Richard Todd and Chad Pennington each had five interception games as well. Once again, Joe Namath leads the misery party, tossing a five interception games five times a Jets player.

For those wondering, the Jets have never had a 6 pick game against a single Quarterback. They've had 5 interception games against Boston Patriot Babe Parioli (1967), Boston Patriot Mike Talliaferro (1968), Oakland Raiders Ken Stabler (1979), and  Miami Dolphin Kyle Mackey (1987). The last QB to throw 5 interceptions against the Jets should be a familiar name. Dan Marino did it in 1988 as a member of the Miami Dolphins.