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Cowboys vs Bears Game Thread

An NFC battle in Dallas.

David Banks/Getty Images

Sunday Night Football, week 3. Tonight we have a matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys. The Bears are a team in transition, and perhaps disarray. Jay Cutler is hurt, the stars of the team are gradually being shipped out, and the franchise appears to be in rebuilding mode. The Cowboys, on the other hand, came into the season with playoff hopes. With one of the best offensive lines in football, a promising rookie running back in Ezekiel Elliott, one of the best receiving talents in the NFL in Dez Bryant, and a top quarterback in Tony Romo, the Cowboys offense appeared loaded for Bear. Then Romo got injured. Surprise surprise. Rookie Dak Prescott has been impressive so far holding the team's playoff hopes together, but it's a long season and it remains to be seen how far the rookie can take the Cowboys.

Enjoy the game everybody. Discuss the game here. The usual rules apply. Do not ask for links to illegal broadcasts of games. Do not provide them either.