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Jets vs. Chiefs Game Thread

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Jets are in Kansas City today for a Week 3 road game against the Chiefs. Both teams have Playoff aspirations in the AFC and enter this game 1-1.

The Jets have a home date with the Seahawks next Sunday. They want to enter that game with momentum. A loss today would mean entering that game against Seattle at a similar spot where this team was a week ago. There is no such thing as a true must-win in Week 4, but a 1-3 start could see things spiral out of control. At the very best, it would be a difficult hole to climb from. The Jets can avoid that scenario all together with a win today and go for an impressive 3-1 start a week from now.

Leave your thoughts below. As always, we ask that you neither request nor provide illegal links to the game over the internet. Thanks.