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Jets vs. Chiefs: Game Time, TV, Announcers, Livestream, and More

NFL: New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Today CBS has a doubleheader, while FOX will show one game to each region. Despite CBS’ doubleheader, New York will only see one game from that network. The Giants play at home in the early afternoon timeslot. When a local team plays at home, no game may be shown at the same time. So New York loses out on the doubleheader.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Redskins at Giants early on FOX

Jets at Chiefs late on CBS

Greg Gumbel and Trent Green will be on the call for the 4:25 Eastern kickoff between the Jets and the Chiefs.

One thing to note is that since this is the second game of a doubleheader, you might not be able to watch from the opening kickoff. If the first game runs long in your region, CBS will likely stay with that until the conclusion. This won’t be an issue in New York, where there is no first game. It also will not be an issue if you live in the Kansas City market, since local games must be shown in their entirety. Elsewhere, you could run into some problems even if Jets-Chiefs is scheduled for your region.

The Northeastern part of the country, including all of New England and New York State will get this game. So will much of the Midwest and Mountain West regions. Click here to see on a map whether you will get the game.

If you do not get the game, your options are limited. The NFL’s out of market package, NFL Sunday Ticket is only available for DirecTV subscribers. The only legal out of market streaming option domestically is to subscribe to DirecTV’s Sunday You have to either be a college student or live in an apartment or house that cannot get a DirecTV subscription to qualify for that, though. If you live outside the United States or Mexico, you can subscribe to the international version of NFL Game Pass that will let you stream games live.

The entire nation will see Bears at Cowboys tonight on NBC and Falcons at Saints tomorrow on ESPN.