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Jets vs. Chiefs Preview: Get to Know Spencer Ware

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Joel Thorman of SB Nation’s Kansas City Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride was kind enough to answer five questions about the Chiefs ahead of tomorrow’s game. Joel has a busy schedule since he is also SB Nation’s NFL league manager (which means he is also my boss here at SB Nation) so we appreciate him taking time out of his busy schedule to do so.

1. What are Chiefs' fans impressions of Andy Reid now over three years into his tenure?

It depends which day you're asking. Right now we're wondering why his offense hasn't looked very good this season, why he doesn't adjust and why he isn't more balanced, along with other questions on defense. Big picture? Chiefs fans love him. For some context, KC was coming off their worst season in franchise history in 2012 (2-14) when Andy Reid was hired in 2013. He started off 9-0 the next season so they got off on the right foot. They won their first playoff game in 20-plus years and they're averaging 10-plus wins a year in KC. Life is good.

2. How would you scheme against the Chiefs on offense?

Get a lead and make the Chiefs one dimensional. The Chiefs offense is based on their balance, their misdirection and even playaction. If they're in an obvious passing situation, they're often in trouble. The Jets first job is to stop the run. Put the Chiefs in 2nd and long and 3rd and long situations and make the Chiefs pass. Take away the underneath stuff as much as possible and make Alex Smith beat you. Alex has not been sharp this season so make him prove that he can beat you.

3. How would you scheme against the Chiefs on defense?

There are some unknowns with the Chiefs defense. Traditionally they've been a solid run defense but they were exposed in Week 1 against Melvin Gordon (I know) and the Chargers. Week 2 was much better but we still aren't really sure which run defense is the Chiefs real run defense. I would try that, specifically going right at Dontari Poe up the gut. Poe shut that stuff down last week but you'll have to try it. Additionally, the Chiefs can be tested over the top. I'm concerned about Brandon Marshall getting in a one on one situation with no safety help. He can win that battle in a jump ball situation. Marcus Peters can be beat on double moves when you stretch the field but be careful. Test him too often and he'll get you.

4. Name a player on the Chiefs whose contributions aren't known by the causal NFL fan?

Is Spencer Ware known? He's the Chiefs backup running back. Well with Jamaal Charles out he is the top back along with Charcandrick West. The Chiefs were left for dead last year at 1-5 and without their best player in Jamaal Charles. West and Ware were terrific in replacing Jamaal throughout the season and they've done a good job so far this year. Ware in particular is having a stellar season. He had nearly 200 yards of offense in Week 1 and 100 in Week 2. Ware has more receiving yards (177) than Julio Jones (173) and Odell Beckham (159). Even if Jamaal is back - sounds like he may not be though - Ware will be the man on Sunday.

5. How are the Chiefs' special teams?

I was going to put Tyreek Hill in the question above but I'll save him for this question. The Chiefs special teams are really good, a strength of the team. Special teams coach Dave Toub is one of the best in the league. Tyreek Hill is a punt and kick returner (he splits kicks with Knile Davis, who you might remember taking the opening kickoff in the Wild Card game last year to the house). Toub, who coached Hester, has said that Tyreek has Hester-like qualities. One Texans player said last week he was the fastest player in the league after he had a 105-yard kickoff return touchdown taken back. Additionally, Tyreek Hill and Demarcus Robinson are both excellent gunners. Tyreek is so fast getting down the field I wouldn't expect a big special teams day for the Jets.