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Ryan Fitzpatrick Named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Bills in Week 2. Fitzpatrick threw for 374 yards on a 24 for 34 night that included a touchdown.

Week 1 looked like the scenario many of us feared entering the season. Fitzpatrick was erratic against the Bengals, looking like a journeyman who might regress after a good 2015. Week 2 looked like the scenario we were hoping for as Fitzpatrick looked very good and showed signs he might build upon the season he had in 2015. We will have to wait and see which of the two paths is true. It will have a big impact on the final outcome of this Jets season.

If you go back to last year, this is the third time in his last eight games that Fitzpatrick has put up a performance that won him the AFC Offensive Player of the Week.