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Here Is Ryan Fitzpatrick's Effectiveness for the Jets Throwing to Each of His Targets

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

How effective has Ryan Fitzpatrick been throwing to his targets so far this season? Let's take a look.

One thing to remember is we are still very early in the 2016 season so it would be unwise to draw any definitive conclusions from any of this information. We can only see the beginnings of potential trends here.

For context, Fitzpatrick is currently completeing 62.3% of his attempts on an average of 8.16 yards per attempt.

Completions Targets Percentage Yards Yards Per Target
Eric Decker 8 15 0.533333333 163 10.86666667
Quincy Enunwa 13 14 0.928571429 146 10.42857143
Brandon Marshall 9 17 0.529411765 133 7.823529412
Matt Forte 7 10 0.7 68 6.8
Jalin Marshall 3 4 0.75 45 11.25
Bilal Powell 3 6 0.5 8 1.333333333

Enunwa really sticks out. Remember, there were a couple of forward tosses to Enunwa on sweeps that offiicially were passes but really were run plays. Still, we can see how important a third receiver emerging can be for this offense.