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Jets vs. Eagles Winners and Losers: Five Winners for New York

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Here are five players who performed well for the Jets in their preseason finale against the Eagles.

Taiwan Jones: To me, Jones played himself from a guy who was not going to be on the roster at the start of the night to a member of the 53 man squad. He led the Jets with 9 tackles. He had an interception and deflected a pass that led to another. I think David Harris' injury will lead to the Jets carrying an extra inside linebacker for insurance, and after tonight that guy will likely be Jones.

Khiry Robinson: Robinson isn't a winner from the roster standpoint. He was going to make the team either way. I think he was a winner from the standpoint that he looks ready for the the regular season after getting a late start in camp recovering from a broken leg. Throw out the stat sheet. The offensive line was ugly tonight, and Robinson took a few losses where he had no chance. He had several touches where it looked like he had burst and turned a few runs that should have gone nowhere into nice gains.

Deon Simon: Three more tackles that resulted in either no gain or a loss. He isn't just pushing for a roster spot. He is pushing for playing time.

Ronald Martin: I think Martin has earned a roster spot after a strong preseason. He was all over the field and constantly around the ball. Martin was second on the team with 6 tackles and forced a fumble.

Robby Anderson: I don't think there was any doubt that he was making this team, but in case there was, his 43 yard touchdown took it away.