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NFL Week 2 Afternoon Games Open Thread

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

No Jets on this Week 2 Sunday afternoon, but there is plenty of NFL action.

The early games are San Francisco vs. Carolina, Baltimore vs. Cleveland, Tennessee vs. Detroit, Kansas City vs. Houston, Miami vs. New England, New Orleans vs. the Giants, Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, and Dallas vs. Washington.

The late games are Tampa Bay vs. Arizona, Seattle vs. Los Angeles, Indianapolis vs. Denver, Atlanta vs. Oakland, and Jacksonville vs. San Diego.

Which games do you want to watch? What are the individual matchups that intrigue you? What games are you watching for the purposes of fantasy football?

Discuss it all below. Leave your thoughts on the afternoon games in the comment section. New threads will be provided if necessary through the day.

As we always request, please do not request links to illegal streams showing out of market NFL games. Please do not provide them either. Not complying will result in a ban from the site.