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Here Are the Week 2 NFL Games on TV in New York

This is the best type of Sunday. We can enjoy stress-free NFL watching because the Jets are already in the clubhouse with a win banked. What games can you watch today?

CBS has a doubleheader while FOX is broadcasting one game to each region. New York loses the CBS doubleheader, however. The Giants play at home on FOX in the early afternoon timeslot. When a local team plays at home, no other game may be shown at the same time. So there will be no early game on CBS. New York loses out on the doubleheader.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Saints at Giants early on FOX

Colts at Broncos late on CBS

The entire nation will see Packers at Vikings tonight on NBC and Eagles at Bears tomorrow on ESPN.

Don’t live in the New York area? Click here to see which games will be broadcast to your region.