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Jets vs. Bills Recap in Podcast Form

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are 1-1. They beat the Bills Thursday night by a 37-31 margin.

To break it down, Nick (sp0rtsfan86) joined me on our Locked on Jets podcast where we discuss the win, key players, and key plays.

I was having some technical problems so apologies for the sound on my end when I am talking. I hopefully got the sound to the point where you won't want to stop the podcast after two minutes (at least for technical reasons; if you just think I'm making ridiculous points, it's another matter). If I didn't, I ask for forgiveness.

This podcast airs five days a week and is available on iTunes and Audioboom. We will post the player here so you can listen to every show on the site. Just know that you can also subscribe using those two options and take the show anywhere you would like on your mobile device.