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Sheldon Richardson Sees 75% of Snaps in Return: Jets vs. Bills Snap Totals

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Sheldon Richardson's return to the lineup saw the fourth year defensive lineman play 75% of the snaps last night for the Jets. It isn't anything extreme, but Richardson is a guy who has regularly been in the 80's and 90's. Perhaps the Jets were easing him back into things as he returned from his one game suspension to start the season.

Richardson's return was always going to take snaps away from somebody, and that someone unsurprisingly seems to be rookie Lawrence Thomas. Thomas went from playing around half the snaps in Week 1 to just 3 against the Bills.

In other news, Darron Lee continues to look like the starter. He got 41 snaps compared with Erin Henderson's 11. First round picks tend to gain snaps more than they lose them so right now it feels as though the job is Lee's to lose. He would have to play his way onto the bench for Henderson to see more time.

D Harris LB 53 100%
D Revis CB 53 100%
M Gilchrist FS 53 100%
B Skrine CB 52 98%
C Pryor SS 52 98%
M Wilkerson DE 51 96%
L Williams DE 45 85%
D Lee LB 41 77%
S Richardson DT 40 75%
M Williams CB 38 72%
S McLendon NT 38 72%
L Mauldin LB 22 42%
M Catapano LB 14 26%
E Henderson LB 11 21%
J Jenkins DE 8 15%
J Stanford LB 7 13%
L Thomas DE 3 6%
R Miles SS 1 2%
B Carter LB 1 2%