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NY Jets: Twist and Shout

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Having a lot of talented defensive linemen means you can create a lot of problems for an offensive line when you scheme. The Jets registered seven sacks in the opener against the Bengals. I am going to show you what they did on three of them utilizing the talents of Leonard Williams and Muhammad Wilkerson.

At the snap, you will see Wilkerson going inside to the guard's area. He is going to eat up right guard Kevin Zeitler.

Williams then loops around the outside before Cedric Ogbuehi can react. Ogbuehi was originally supposed to block Wilkerson on this play, but Wilkerson enters Zeitler's area. Ogbuehi is supposed to pass Wilkerson off, and pick up Williams, Zeitler's original man.

He is too late to recognize this, though, and Williams gets around the end. Andy Dalton is in trouble and eventually steps into a combined sack from Williams and Wilkerson.

Here is a play where the Jets do something similar. Williams commands a double team off the snap. Wilkerson then heads inside, drawing Zeitler.

It took two guys to block Williams, though. Because Wilkerson hits the hole quickly enough, Williams is able to shed Ogbuehi and send Dalton to the ground.

Here is another play where the Jets run this. This time Wilkerson explodes through the hole before Zeitler realizes he needs to switch.

That's a lot of ground for a big man to cover in such a short time.

It is one thing to have big defensive linemen. The Jets have 300 pounders who can dominate with power but also can move. Now they will get to add Sheldon Richardson to the mix. It opens up some great possibilities here.