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Jets May Consider Placing Revis on #2 Receiver

John has been talking overreactions today, so is this concept an overreaction or rather a reality we have to face?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

There is no way to hide the fact that A.J. Green went off against the Jets. 12 receptions, 180 yards and 1 TD. That's domination. Some of that was on Revis, some of that was on coverage breakdown, some of it could be attributed elsewhere.

Many people have asked the question "Is Revis done as a lock-down corner?". It's a logical question to ask, he's now a 31 year old corner with a fair few miles on the clock. Corners tend to hit a wall around this time. It's probably fair to say that the Revis we're seeing in 2016, isn't close to the one we saw in 2010.

However, let me just explain something that frustrates me to no end with sports. If one team loses or one player loses a match-up, for the fans of that player or's their fault. However Revis is a top-quality corner, and A.J Green is a top quality wide receiver, sometimes you win those battles and sometimes you lose. Revis is getting paid a ton of money to stop receivers from catching the ball. News flash for some...A.J Green is getting paid a ton of money to catch the ball. Like I said, sometimes you win those battles sometimes you lose them.

Earlier this year we heard Revis say that he was open to the move to safety, a Charles Woodson type move to prolong the career. We're still a way away from that being a serious topic of conversation. But when asked if he would consider mixing up the coverages with Revis facing opponents #2 receivers, Bowles stated that they had talked about it and certain games would require it.

Now you'll remember that New England did something very similar with Revis. They would place him on teams #2 receivers and 9 times out of 10 he would blanket them. They'd then dedicate defensive resources to stopping the #1 guy, having him doubled on nearly every single play. It was a system that took them to a Super Bowl championship.

Should the Jets adopt a similar approach? I think the days are gone where Revis could put a Chad Johnson, Randy Moss or Terrell Owens in his pocket. However he's still head and shoulders the best corner we have, and changing out system to maximise the effect of that would be the logical thing to do.