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Here Are the Uniforms the Jets and Bills Are Wearing Thursday

Thursday Night Football will have teams wearing Color Rush uniforms, the ugly solid color uniforms you saw debut last year. The Jets are going all white for their game against Buffalo, though.

The Jets will be wearing their normal white uniforms. Last year when they played the Bills, Buffalo played in those same red uniforms while the Jets wore solid green. It caused problems for color blind fans watching the game.

Despite what that tweet says, it does seem like there are tweaks. The article linked in the tweet says the Jets will alter their helmet to have white facemasks and white shoes.

Apparently the Jets still had an all green Color Rush uniform designed that they will never wear this season.

Every team has some sort of Color Rush uniform apparently.

For those of you demanding a uniform change, take a look at this. If you get your wish, the Jets might end up wearing a monstrosity like this.