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Annual Reminder: Don't Overreact Too Much to First Jets Game

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This is your annual public service reminder to not overreact to the first game of the season. The Jets suffered a bad loss. It was but one loss, not necessarily an indication the team is doomed or that the season is over.

Why do I say that? Just look at a recent history of how the Jets performed in the first game of the season and how those seasons ended.

2015: Won (team missed Playoffs)

2014: Won (team missed Playoffs)

2013: Won (team missed Playoffs)

2012: Won (team missed Playoffs)

2011: Won (team missed Playoffs)

2010: Lost (team made Playoffs)

Who could forget that 2012 opener when Mark Sanchez shredded the Bills, and so many declared this was proof the Jets made the right move in giving him that extension. Or that 2014 opener against the Raiders when the Jets shut down the passing attack, justifying John Idzik's decision to not bring in a big money cornerback?

Of the twelve Playoff teams last year, these are the ones who lost their opener.

1. Texans

2. Seahawks

3. Vikings

4. Redskins

5. Steelers

That's almost half.

Are the Jets going to have a good season? I have no idea.

You just can't say much definitively from one game.