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Todd Bowles Might Stick With Right Tackle Platoon for Now

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Todd Bowles indicated he might stick with the right tackle platoon of Ben Ijalana and Brent Qvale in the short-term. The duo split the snaps in the Week 1 loss to the Bills.

On if he anticipates using the same right tackle combination with Ben Ijalana and Brent Qvale going forward…

It’s possible, yeah. Both of them had their ups and downs, but it could be similar.

On whether Ijalana or Qvale played remarkably worse or better than the other…

I don’t think so.

On if Ijalana and Qvale are neck-and-neck for the position battle…

They’re probably still neck-and-neck.
Don't expect to see this continue through the entire season, though. Bowles indicated he expects to eventually pick one guy.

On if using a combination at right tackle is something he is prepared to do the remainder of the season…

On if he will make a decision at right tackle eventually…

On how many games he would need to see to make a decision on a right tackle…
Not much more, a couple more, we’ll see.
I was a bit surprised to see the Jets go with a platoon at all. Usually a line plays the entire game because communication and chemistry are important up front. It did not seem to hurt the team much in the opener, though.