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Darron Lee Got More Snaps Than Erin Henderson for Jets vs. Bengals

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jets drafted Darron Lee out of Ohio State, they maintained he would be a backup until he played his way into the starting lineup. If the distribution of snaps against the Bengals is an indication, it seems the coaching staff believes he has earned playing time.

The Jets re-signed Erin Henderson in free agency to be a starter. When the Jets picked Lee, it was presumed that would not change. In yesterday's season opener, however, Lee saw the field for 36 snaps while Henderson only got 21. Meanwhile, David Harris, whose status heading into the game seemed to be up in the air, was on the field for all 57 defensive snaps for the Jets.

One would imagine the Jets hope Lee plays well enough to eventually take over a full load of snaps as the season progresses.

The total snap count totals for the defense are listed below.

B Skrine CB 57 100%
D Harris LB 57 100%
D Revis CB 57 100%
M Gilchrist FS 57 100%
M Wilkerson DE 54 95%
L Williams DE 53 93%
C Pryor SS 51 89%
M Williams CB 45 79%
D Lee LB 36 63%
S McLendon NT 34 60%
L Thomas DE 28 49%
J Jenkins DE 23 40%
L Mauldin LB 23 40%
E Henderson LB 21 37%
M Catapano LB 15 26%
R Miles SS 5 9%
J Stanford LB 5 9%
D Simon NT 4 7%
J Martin LB 2 4%