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49ers vs Rams Game Thread

A scintillating scrum between a couple of California teams.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Monday Night Football, week 1, game 2. The west coast special. Anyone on the east coast who stays up all the way to the finish of this game gets a gold star. Just forward $99.95 for postage and handling to Smackdad, 9995 Smackdad Blvd, The Interwebs, 99995, and a genuine gold tinted sorta star shaped bit of waste paper will be rushed to you via the latest in express delivery methods, drone dropoff.
Here's the second and last of the opening week games. It's a ... matchup. Of two football teams. This one's for the diehards. The freshly relocated Los Angeles Rams start the season traveling up the coast to foggy San Francisco. It's a beautiful drive for those who've never done it. The Rams are led by quarterback Case Keenum, after first overall pick Jared Goff flopped in the preseason and showed he was less than ready to start in the NFL. Given the quarterback situation we should expect to see a massive dose of other worldly running back Todd Gurley for the Rams. The 49ers counter with their own quarterback of the evening, Blaine Gabbert. It's really something when a Monday Night game features two opposing quarterbacks that both make Jets fans feel really good about their quarterback situation. Given Gabbert's, ahem... talent level, expect a healthy dose of Carlos Hyde running the football. This looks like a throwback game of dueling running attacks. The Rams' stellar defensive line may make the difference here. The quarterbacks aren't likely to.

Enjoy the game everybody. Enjoy that rare moment for Jets fans when you can say without equivocation, yeah, my quarterback dominates these guys. Discuss the game here. The usual rules apply. Do not ask for links to illegal broadcasts of games. Do not provide them either.