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Jets vs. Bengals: Talking Points the Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground Today

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

You know, Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick played for the Bengals in 2007 and 2008.

You know, Darron Lee and Jalin Marshall both played in college at Ohio State. Today they are making their NFL debuts against a team from Ohio!

You know, Bengals wide receiver Brandon LaFell is a former Patriot. He played the Jets twice a year when he was with New England. He knows a thing or two about going up against this Jets defense!

You know, LaFell and Darrelle Revis both played in New England in 2014. They faced each other in practice. Now they face each other on the field.

You know, the Bengals have Bill Lazor on their coaching staff. He was the offensive coordinator of the Dolphins last season and was fired after a loss to the Jets.

You know, Kevin Coyle was Miami's defensive coordinator. He is also on Cincinnati's coaching staff now. These guys know a thing or two about going up against the Jets!