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Jets Restructure Buster Skrine's Contract

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Cornerback Buster Skrine and the Jets have restructured his deal to open up new salary cap space.

The Jets needed to create a bit of cap space. Current estimates of the team's cap space are all over the park. Over the Cap has it at around $435,000. Spotrac has it at around $2 million.

From Skrine's perspective, this isn't necessarily a game-changer, but it also isn't meaningless. This move makes it more likely he will be a Jet in 2017. Because this pushes $2.5 million of cap charges for him into future years, the cap space the Jets would open from cutting Skrine after this season went from $6 million to $3.5 million. That certainly allows the team to move on from Skrine if the corner has a bad year, but it does reduce the likelihood he is a cap casualty. Under his previous number, even a solid but unspectacular season could have left him in some degree of danger.