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Bryce Petty to Undergo Tests on Shoulder Friday

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Jets quarterback Bryce Petty left the preseason finale tonight against the Eagles with an apparent shoulder injury. The Jets confirmed that he will undergo tests tomorrow.

One might guess that the injury might not be serious since the Jets listed him as probable to return during the game.

That is only a guess, though.

I am sure there will be speculation that the Jets could use this as a pretense to put Petty on injured reserve. In this way, the team could keep four quarterbacks without using four roster spots. I am not sure I see the sense in it, though. Putting Petty on IR would mean he could not practice. The whole point of having a developmental quarterback is to have him learn and gain experience through practice reps. Keeping Petty on IR would block that. It would seem to defeat the entire purpose of having him.