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Todd Bowles: I Need to Watch the Tape to Evaluate Right Tackles

Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Here is  Jets head coach Todd Bowles' postgame press conference from tonight after the loss to the Eagles.

  • Bryce Petty has a shoulder injury and will undergo tests tomorrow. Bowles is unsure of the severity of the injury.
  • Bowles noted his disappointment about red zone turnovers, but he expects rookies to make mistakes.
  • Getting Khiry Robinson work was a goal for the game.
  • Bowles isn't sure whether the cuts will be made Friday or Saturday.
  • He sees Robby Anderson's confidence growing, but he needs to learn some technical aspects.
  • He needs to watch tape to evaluate the right tackles and make a decision on a starter.
  • The same is true with outside linebackers.
  • Bowles feels Lorenzo Mauldin needs playing time to learn.
  • There are five or six decisions to make on the roster spots.