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Jalin Marshall and Jeremy Ross to Take Punt Returns for Jets in Preseason Opener

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets presumably have a competition for their punt return spot with their 2015 return man Jeremy Kerley no longer on the squad. Todd Bowles indicated veteran Jeremy Ross and rookie Jalin Marshall will get the first crack at showing they deserve the job on Thursday.

On if the first two punt returners will be Jeremy Ross and Marshall…

Starting out, yes.

We might presume these are the top two candidates since they are getting the first look for the job. Bowles did indicate others might get some time.

On Jalin Marshall as a punt returner…

All of them catch it well. All of them have burst and take off, but there aren’t many people running down to him them, so we’ll get a better look at them on Thursday and next week.

On how many different players will return punts on Thursday

Depends on how many times we can make them punt. If it’s two or three, we might get two of them in there. If we get five or six in, we might see three or four guys depending on who finishes the game.

Marshall has been generating a lot of camp buzz, but his preseason debut will provide a bigger test.