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Jets Roster Analysis: Can Bruce Carter Get His Career Headed in the Right Direction?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As we approach the 2016 season, we are going to profile the players on the roster. Today we look at Bruce Carter.

Name: Bruce Carter

Number: 54

Year With Jets: 1st

Projected Role: Backup inside linebacker

His 2015: Tampa Bay brought Carter in on a four year contract, but things did not pan out. He lost his starting job in training camp to a fourth round rookie. The Buccaneers released the former Dallas linebacker after just a single season, and he caught on with the Jets.

2016 will be a success if: Carter provides the Jets with a quality backup at inside linebacker. A year ago, the Jets helped revitalize Erin Henderson's career by signing him to a cheap deal as a backup. Henderson's career had fallen off due to personal issues. Carter's problems were on the field, but he is another cheap reclamation project with a track record of a quality NFL starter. He probably won't play much, but it would help everybody if he is effective when he does play.

Odds of making the roster: Probable (75%-99%)