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Jets Roster Analysis: Can Lorenzo Mauldin Break Out in Year Two?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As we approach the 2016 season, we are going to profile the players on the roster. Today we look at Lorenzo Mauldin.

Name: Lorenzo Mauldin

Number: 55

Year With Jets: 2nd

Projected Role: Starting outside linebacker

His 2015: Mauldin had a successful first season with the Jets. After a terrifying Week 1 injury, he returned playing in limited situations as a pass rusher. He registered four sacks and a number of other pressures, displaying more athleticism than many of us believed he had. With no experienced outside linebackers on the roster, Mauldin will presumably be handed a job unless something drastic happens between now and the end of the summer.

2016 will be a success if: Mauldin becomes an adequate edge rusher. With the type of interior defensive line talent the Jets have, they do not need Mauldin to become a Pro Bowler, but it would be nice to have somebody who can take advantage of the double teams the big guys draw and win the favorable matchups created. If Mauldin can become a 6 to 8 sack guy producing pressures at a reasonably high rate, the Jets should be thrilled. It could take the defense to another level.

Odds of making the roster: Lock (>99%)