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Jets Training Camp Practice Today Will Be Similar to Annual Green and White Scrimmage

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are not holding their annual green and white scrimmage this season at training camp. Todd Bowles indicated yesterday that Saturday's practice will be something of a substitute.

On Saturday's practice format…

It’s going to be similar to what it was at the stadium last year. We’ll run some plays. We’re not going to bring anybody to the ground. Everybody is on the sideline calling plays, and we’ll put the ball down and start from where we start from.

Last year the Jets held this practice at MetLife Stadium. Today's event will be open to the public, but the team facility has a much lower capacity. Why aren't the Jets holding it at the stadium?

On reason for not having the practice at the stadium….

They’re having a soccer event at the stadium, and we couldn’t get it when we wanted it.

Bowles also explained the reason the team will not hold a full scrimmage has to do with concern for the health of his team.

On if he would prefer not to hold a full scrimmage that includes tackling…

What, bring guys to the ground? It’s going to be similar to last year’s (practice).

On if he doesn’t like players being tackled to the ground…

No. We’ve got a bye after game ten this year. It would be hard to do that right now because you get into cut blocking and everything else. We’re not going to cut each other.