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Geno Smith Won't Play in Preseason Finale

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles confirmed on Tuesday that Jets quarterback Geno Smith will not play in the team's preseason finale Thursday night against the Eagles.

On if he settled on a quarterback plan for Thursday

I settled on a quarterback plan for Thursday. I’ll probably play (Bryce) Petty and (Christian) Hackenberg.

On if each quarterback will get to play a half on Thursday

That’s undecided yet. I’ll try to even it out. I want to see who is kind of running the ball more. I’d like to get them a couple of passes in, but I’ll try to even it out as best I can.

On if the decision to not play Geno Smith on Thursday was to keep him healthy…

Yes, you want to keep most of your guys healthy, but you still want to take a look at the other two guys as well.

This makes sense to me. Right now indications are that Geno Smith will be the number two quarterback. The Jets still might keep both Petty and Hackenberg on the roster as developmental quarterbacks.

This will probably be the last chance either of them gets to see the field in a game setting in 2016 so the team should give the duo all of the reps possible.