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Jets vs. Giants Film Review

The Jets lost game three of the postseason but many players were in midseason form.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start off with the good. How about Wilkerson and the game he had? Here he finishes off a great gap rush by Henderson, who has become a force in the middle of the field the last two games. I just love how far back they stuff this run in the backfield and how both shed blockers to get the tackle.

Also watch the end. Wilkerson falls, holds the running back with one arm and then executes a pretty good rock bottom while Henderson holds on to the RB's legs. That's textbook 3-4 defense, where the linebacker fills the hole and the lineman holds the gap.

You know what's also great? Having good if not great special teams play. John B said it right in the podcast. We were spoiled under Westhoff, but this special teams squad has been showing some real progress from last year.

Not one but two guys nearly blocked the punt. That is some seriously awesome stuff by the special team squad.

Wilkerson continued to be a beast later in the game. Last week we saw Mauldin fail at setting an edge. This is video that he should watch. Wilkerson gets outside, but doesn't get knocked out the play. Instead he forces the runner inside, and that's where Leo was waiting.

The important thing is both men did their jobs. Wilkerson set a heck of an edge and Leo worked through a block to make the tackle. Just great stuff all around.

Let's keep the good times rolling. Later in the game, it was Wilkerson again who did work.

Not much more to say than it was a perfect swim move and a heck of play. Also the person who did the telestrator whiffed on Wilkerson. (I marked him with a red arrow)

But not all was good. Dee Milliner continues to have a very poor preseason where he's either getting burnt or getting hurt. Here the Giants WR turns him around a few times and gets a touchdown.

It's one thing when your getting beat by the Jacksonville WR's but the Giants backups? That's the point where I start to wonder how much longer Dee is a Jets player.