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Jets Roster Analysis: Is Jeremy Ross Going to Be the Returner?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As we approach the 2016 season, we are going to profile the players on the roster. Today we look at Jeremy Ross.

Name: Jeremy Ross

Number: 11

Year With Jets: 1st

Projected Role: Competing for return and backup receiver jobs

His 2015: Ross split time between Baltimore and Oakland, a pair of nondescript stints.

2016 will be a success if: Ross sparks some life into the Jets return game. Quality special teams play was sorely lacking a year ago for this team. Ross does not have a big time return reputation, but he has shown some flashes. Either way, do not expect much out of him as a receiver. I know he has hauled in some passes against backups in preseason, but he only has 39 catches in four seasons. At this point, he seems to have played better than Jalin Marshall for the return job. Could the Jets still opt for youth?

Odds of making the roster: Likely (50-75%)