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What Is Christian Hackenberg's Potential?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

If you have followed this site over the last few months, this video needs no introduction. Brett Kollmann of our network's Texans blog, Battle Red Blog, produced it as part of his ongoing series The Film Room, which is a highly detailed and intelligent video library you can check out here. It is really top notch stuff. I highly encourage you to watch.

Brett spent weeks studying Christian Hackenberg in detail and came away thinking he is a franchise quarterback.

Brett was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time on the latest episode of our new daily podcast, Locked on Jets, to talk about why he is so high on Hackenberg and answer some of my questions. Hear Brett make his case for Hackenberg, and hear his reaction when he finds out the video has been unofficially nicknamed Hackablanca.

Locked on Jets is a new podcast airing Monday through Friday. It is available on Audioboom and iTunes (or at least will be soon).