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Dee Milliner Dealing With Sore Hamstring

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Oft-injured Jets cornerback Dee Milliner is dealing with a sore hamstring that kept him out of practice on Monday according to Todd Bowles.

On the status of Dee Milliner…
He has a sore hamstring. He’s tight.

On if Milliner’s injury is serious…
Not to my knowledge. We’ll see.
Milliner has had a rough preseason. He was beaten for a touchdown in Saturday night's loss to the Giants. 

While he still appears likely to make the roster, a good performance on Thursday against the Eagles could help him lock it up. An injury that keeps Dee off the field could complicate matters for him.

Milliner's base salary is $675,000 this year. (Other bonuses move his cap hit to over $4 million.) You might remember Milliner's rookie holdout. It was  over offset language. In the end, the Jets reportedly got their way, and offset language was put into the deal. That means if Milliner was cut, the Jets would be off the hook for money he gets after signing with a new team. So if he signed for $2, the Jets would have to pay the full deal minus the $2 he's making from the new team. The team could probably save a tiny amount of cash by cutting ties.