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Where Does the Jets' Kicking Competiton Between Nick Folk and Ross Martin Stand?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have a competition in training camp between long-time kicker Nick Folk and rookie Ross Martin this year. Yesterday, Martin showed off a big leg.

Todd Bowles might have tipped his hand a bit chatting to the media, however. He seemed to indicate the incumbent would have an edge.

On what Ross Martin has to do to make the team…

He’s got to make them all. He’s going to have to perform in preseason. Obviously (Nick) Folk is going to have to look pretty bad for him. It’s a good competition right now, we’re just going to see how it plays out.

As we discussed a few weeks back, Folk is something of a below average kicker despite his reputation. I don't know that Martin is better than him. It is certainly possible, though. Teams find quality kickers off the scrap heap all the time. I'd like to see the Jets have an open mind here. They plausibly could get younger, cheaper, and better.