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NY Jets: Some Cut Players To Consider

Should the Jets sign these guys?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL cuts in preparing teams to get down to 75 man rosters are in full swing.  As with every year, a few of the guys being cut might be interesting to sign.  Here are a few that should be considered.

TE Jake Stoneburner.   He's a tight end.  Plus let's face it, burning stones is a neat trick anyone would love to watch on a weekly basis.

OG Ruben "Hurricane" Carter.  Dude is a born fighter.  Wrongly cut, but man, he knows how to roll with the punches.

WR Chris Givens.  On second thought, maybe not. He Givens, and he Takens away.

OT Taylor Fallins.  Every guy this guy blocks just keeps Fallins.

WR Valdez Showers.  Well, maybe not enough.  This guy stinks.

DT Travis Britz.  C'mon.  How awesome would it be to have the opposing offensive line identify him as somebody to be accounted for on the pass rush by yelling "BRITZ!  BRITZ!" all game?

LB Dan "Red" Herring.  Ha! I misled you with that one, didn't I?

and finally, EDGE Joplo Bartu.  Because you never know when you might have to fend off an attack by Boba Fett.