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Jets vs. Giants Winners and Losers: Four Losers for the Jets

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost last night to the Giants. Here were four players who did not look great.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Yes, the offense lacked Brandon Marshall, but I didn't think the problems had much to do with Marshall's absence. Fitzpatrick was just really off. He floated a couple of early completions, which was a sign bad things were to come. He fumbled away a ball on a sack where he held the ball too long. This cost the Jets a field goal. He looked jittery under pressure. He threw up a UFO once with a rusher in his face that he was lucky wasn't intercepted. On another play, he made a nice move shaking Olivier Vernon unblocked on a bootleg. Then he proceeded to rush his throw when he had time to set his feet and missed an open Robby Anderson. There were couple of instances where Eric Decker was open, and he missed. Fitzpatrick at least ended his night on a high note with a really nice touchdown throw to Eric Decker, but the Jets aren't going to win many games when he plays like this.

Bryce Petty: A strong performance last week opened the door to the possibility of Petty taking the second quarterback job. Petty probably closed the door last night with a shaky effort where he missed too many open receivers and then threw a pick six on a screen. I said last week that I thought Petty's margin for error was zero when it came to the backup job. Another strong outing would have made Geno Smith's seat hot. He didn't come close to delivering.

Jalin Marshall: A strong start to training camp put Marshall in the discussion to make the roster. I am guessing he has been playing his way off the roster the last two weeks. Yes, he had a couple of receptions, but there were three big errors, a drop, a fumble, and a special teams penalty. Meanwhile, Jeremy Ross broke another big return. I think Marshall might be on his way to the practice squad.

Dee Milliner: Two weeks ago people were giving him a pass because he was beaten by Allen Robinson. I didn't necessarily agree then, but I could at least understand the argument. Getting beaten by Robinson is one thing. Getting beaten for a long touchdown by Tavarres King because he's turning you around on a corner fake is quite another. Milliner's contract might be his best argument to stay on the roster at this point.