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Introducing the Locked on Jets Podcast

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Just short of our eighth anniversary here at GGN, the site has taken a new twist.

I will be hosting a daily Monday-Friday podcast called Locked on Jets. It is part of the Locked On Podcast Network. It was founded by David Locke, the radio play-by-play voice of the NBA's Utah Jazz. He started doing his own daily podcast on the Jazz, and it was so successful that he decided to create one for each NBA and NFL team.

It is a really cool concept, and I am excited to be part of it. Our first episode is up. Our GGN friend Scott Salmon was kind enough to be the first guest on the show.

I hope you will bear with me as we get started. This is a new thing for me so I'm probably not going to be spectacular at the start just as the early days of GGN were a learning process. I'll do my best to get better every day and give you a good show. Part of me already wants to destroy the tape listening to this first podcast, but Scott was so good that you deserve to hear his takes.

Back when I was a kid, trips in the car listening to the guys on WFAN talk sports was one of the highlights of my day. I appreciate you making this site part of your day, and I hope I can eventually become part of your day on your commute, at the gym, doing yardwork, or wherever you go to listen to podcasts.

If you have any questions for a mailbag episode, leave them in the comments.

Locked on Jets is available on iTunes and I hope you will subscribe.