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Jets vs. Redskins Film Breakdown

Leo was once again highlighted, but we also take a look at the rookies and other camp battles during the second preseason game.

Larry French/Getty Images

The first half was a drab, ugly affair, and a few mistakes showed up on the game film. Let's take a look with Lorenzo Mauldin. This is textbook example of how not to set an edge.

The lineman didn't even have to get a hand on him on that play as he took himself out. That's not exactly how you draw it up. Other thing to note is that for every great pass rushing 3/4 OLB, they also must be good at setting the edge. If the run defense is to improve, this will be a big key and something to keep our attention.

Last week we highlighted a bad play by Henderson, this time around he gets a big stop at the line by avoiding the FB's block.

(Gif restarts when you move your mouse on the next three.)

That was a huge hit at the line and a great way to change the momentum early via a run stuff. More of that by Henderson and I'll start feeling more comfortable about our overall defense up the middle. As is, right now both ILB's have had some good and bad flashes.

I'm seriously worried about the 2nd CB spot. When a guy  missed a ton of tackles last year and then does this, it should be a major concern.

Marcus Williams tackling has got to improve if he wants to be counted on this year. Cromartie made better efforts on tackles, this is just very poor by Williams.

What about our first round pick, Mr. Lee? Well he has wheels, but he's still working on making good routes to the ball carrier. You'll see what I mean.

Great job on the recovery, but he got caught inside which lead to a first down. I'd chalk this under rookie mistakes, but something to watch in game 3. If he gets better at angles he'd be hell to block with his speed.

And now let's just all enjoy Leo destroying a poor back trying to block him.

How about a more zoomed in view of the destruction:

This man is a menace to all backs in pass protection.