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Do You Avoid Jets Opponents in Fantasy Football?

In this day and age, football fans frequently have divided loyalties on Sundays. What is best for their favorite team is frequently not what is best for their fantasy football team. Where do you stand? Do you avoid players on rival AFC East teams? Do you bench your guys when they play the Jets?

I use my head when it comes to my fantasy team. If nobody in my league wants Tom Brady, I’ll pick him. If this week’s opponent has a mismatch against the Jets, I’ll play him.

When it comes to my rooting, I go with my heart. I’ll root hard against my fantasy player if his production hurts the Jets. I’ll happily take a fantasy loss if it means good things for the Jets.

What about you? Do you separate fantasy with real life like I do, or do you want to be able to root for your fantasy team no matter what?