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Todd Bowles Responds to Preseason Game Against Washington

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Here is Todd Bowles' postgame press conference.

Some notes:

  • As one might expect, Bowles doesn't make any definitive judgments about players, stating the need to watch the film. For example, while he is happy Robby Anderson made plays, Bowles wants to see whether he ran the routes correctly when the ball did not find him.
  • He isn't overly harsh on the first team defense despite the yardage it gave up since it did not allow points.
  • Nick Mangold didn't play because the coaches wanted to evaluate some of the other linemen on whom they have to make a roster decision.
  • Bowles states that every position is open to competition when asked about whether there is competition for the backup quarterback spot and that nobody has earned a roster spot just yet.
  • Matt Forte dressed so that he could go through warmups.