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Jets vs. Redskins Final Score: Jets Fall Short Despite Bryce Petty's Big Night

Larry French/Getty Images

Washington defeated the Jets tonight 22-18 in preseason action. The Jets are now 1-1 in the 2016 preseason.

There were two big stories tonight from the Jets perspective. The first was how poor the team looked with the first and second stringers in during the first half. New York trailed 14-2 at halftime, and it felt like the Jets were lucky it was not much worse than that. The first team defense gave up 8 first downs in 2 series but was fortunate enough to escape with no points allowed.

The second big story was the stellar play of Bryce Petty in the second half. Petty finished 16 of 26 for 242 yards and 2 touchdowns in a half of play. Combined with a rough night for Geno Smith, you have to wonder whether there is now a real competition for the backup quarterback spot. Petty might have opened the door. The coaching staff sure seemed like it wanted to evaluate Petty as much as possible, scrapping plans to have Christian Hackenberg play and going  to pass heavy playcalling as the game progressed. Stay tuned.

We will have more tonight and tomorrow on the game. Discuss below.