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Does Dexter McDougle's Injury Hurt His Chances of Making the Team?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Jets cornerback Dexter McDougle is dealing with a hamstring injury. Head coach Todd Bowles was asked yesterday whether it hurts McDougle's chances to make the team as the third year corner might not be a lock.

On how McDougle’s injury hurts his chances to make the team…

It’s unfortunate. We know what he can do. We know what he’s capable of. It just gives other guys opportunity. Sometimes opportunity comes by injury, by holdout, or by suspension. We just monitor the guys that are playing and we’ll try to get him back healthy when we can.

It is an interesting take. The Jets aren't going to hold McDougle's injury against him when they make their cuts, but now his reps go to somebody else, who might flash more ability.

As you might remember, the Jets had five of the first 115 picks in the 2014 Draft. Two of those five are already gone. If McDougle is cut, that would be a third. It certainly would not be a good look for that class. We aren't talking about these guys having successful career. We are simply talking about flashing enough upside to keep around for a third year.