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Jets vs. Jaguars Breakdown

Let's watch the Jets in action again.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

John B did a great job looking at the Quarterbacks, but I wanted to show a few other plays, both good and bad.

Here's a terrible play by Henderson who probably is going to start middle linebacker. Watch as the lineman gets off his block and destroys Henderson coming up through the middle. That play right there is the difference between a stop at the line and a big gain. The hole opened was his to fill, and that's one of the reason it went for a big gain.

On the other hand: give it up for the big man, Williams, who plows through a block to get the sack. He's a one man army in the next play we look at. He rag dolls the lineman at one point who had help up until another DL decided to come into frame. That's more like it.

Give it up for Tommy Bohanon. He's got a good second career as a matador if this is how he plans on blocking this year. Good gravy...what you see here is a whiff.

And lastly, let's check out how our first round pick from 2013, Dee Milliner, is doing. He gives up the inside seam and is only bailed out by a pretty meh pass. Had that been in the middle of the field, it's probably a touchdown.