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Jets Training Camp Live Updates 8/16

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets were given a sweltering Monday off from practice, but training camp resumes today. The team will practice at the facility in Florham Park, New Jersey. Things are set to get underway at 2:20 Eastern. This will be a day where youth groups are attending. The weather is expected to be very hot once again as the recent heat wave continues. Keep hydrated it you are attending.

It was a good weekend for the passing game, receivers in particular. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a really strong practice Saturday and a so-so one Sunday. The receivers were winning for much of the weekend. Also we're apparently supposed to care for some reason because Geno Smith hasn't spoken to the press in a few days.

My venture to Jets practice has ended. You are left to rely on others for your updates. Fortunately, we have the GGN Twitter widget, which will update throughout the day with happenings from practice and other Jets news. We can only hope its ventures never end.