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Annual Jets Reminder: Don't Overreact to Preseason

Al Bello/Getty Images

Allow this to serve as your annual reminder to not overreact to what you see in the preseason.

Why? Let's just take a look at last preseason. Landry Jones and Brent Hundley were in the top three of both passing yards and touchdowns. Your leading rusher was Zach Zenner. Your leading receiver was Rashad Ross. Shaquil Barrett and Jackson Jeffcoat led the league in sacks.

For the Jets, who could forget Matt Flynn's brilliant 71% completion percentage or second leading receiver DeVier Posey? Posey was actually tied for second with dynamic receiving threat out of the backfield Zac Stacy.

Would I say we should take nothing from these games? No, I wouldn't. You can gauge athletic and technical parts of players' games along with things like decision-making.

Just don't draw definitive conclusions from preseason results. Opponents aren't gameplanning to neutralize what the Jets do well. They aren't using their full playbooks. And much of the action is going to be with backup and fringe roster types.

Of course we will analyze what happens. If a bubble player is having problems keeping up with third stringers, it matters. If somebody looks much better it MIGHT be the start of a bigger trend, but preseason success or failure does not necessarily guarantee anything.